Friday, April 23, 2010

Who Says Money Can't Buy Happiness?

Best $3.75 ever spent.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rollerblades and Nice Weather

It has been so nice outside lately. I absolutely LOVE it! The kids and I are outside or at the park almost everyday now. Someday I want to live in Arizona where it is beautiful year round. Sure it's beautiful here too, but I really love this warm weather.

Natalie, Shaun, Grady, Austin, and Aiden at the Scera park. They all keep Natalie so entertained.

Austin LOVES this necklace that her daddy gave her. The clasp broke so it is actually being held together by a bobby pin. She sure loves that daddy.

This is one of Austin's new swimming suits. It came with a cover up which she thinks is acceptable to wear all day everyday.

My poor little guy. We were playing soccer today at Grandma Brenda's and he tripped over the ball and hit his little head on the cement. I felt so bad. He was not very happy about it either.

He did kind of enjoy having the cold thing on his head and being able to watch Dora for a while after.

These are my new rollerblades. I got then from D.I. for $5. Talk about a deal. Not to mention a flash back to 1994. When I am on them I feel like a chubbier version of a newborn horse. Maybe that's why I should use them to push the kids in the jogger, (something to help me balance) if mom goes down everybody goes down!

My little blue eyed Natalie Bear. This girl is such a doll. She recently started giving "luvs" on command.

Here she is demonstrating her new talent.

Last time Tara and I went to the park I had to keep putting her far away from the cement, because she loves to crawl on it. She made it there eventually. In the mean time she had a delicious snack of grass and pine cones.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Half Marathon

There is Tricia 6th from the right off to a great start.

Doug and Tricia and I did the Salt Lake City half marathon yesterday. It was SO much fun. We decided to do it in the beginning of the year, and I am so glad we did. I can't wait to do another one. We stayed together the whole time, but Doug decided he had something to prove the last block. So Tricia and I finished in 2:09:52. Pretty impressive I think.

(Photos courtesy/stolen property of Doug and Tricia's blog)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dad Vader

Recently Shaun and Austin have been doing extra jobs and saving their money because Shaun wanted to buy a light saber and Austin wanted to buy another new swimming suit. This girl practically lives in swimming suits. So Shaun had saved up enough money and we talked to him about tithing and he willing gave, so we were very proud of him. So he got his coveted blue light saber so he could be Luke Skywalker.

Now ALL day he has been fighting me (I am using Uncle Shane's light saber) with his new light saber. He had not put the thing down all day. He LOVES it. So I was talking to Ben while he was at work, telling him all of this, and Ben who is my favorite person in the whole world and the biggest kid I know gets this idea...

So Ben went to Wal*Mart after work and bought a light saber of his own, though I don't think he did his extra jobs around the house. Oh well. When he got home from work he snuck in the house and went up to his room and put on the most convincing Darth Vader ensemble my 3 year old boy has ever seen.

I was thinking Shaun would just run out and fight him as fast as he could. But I guess Ben was just a little too convincing.

Let's just say Shaun was very relieved to find out it was just his Daddy.

I'm So Happy That's Over

So here we are at Doug and Tricia's house, and yes folks, most of this came out of our house. Can you say ridiculous? We did have pretty nice weather and the good people of Provo decided to show up as well. All of our leftovers went to D.I. I was thinking I could just save them for our next garage sale before we move, but then I thought, I just got all of this out of my house, No way am I bringing it back in.

So we had to make two separate trips, not to mention the car is full too.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shots---Ice Cream---Jump On It

This morning we (Me, Austin, Shaun, Natalie and their dear kind Aunt Tricia) all went down to the health department for the kids immunizations. I'm just glad Tricia was there. So Austin went first and let me tell you she was not happy. I gave her some Tylenol before we left, and when she asked what it was for I told her she was going to get her shots today for kindergarten. Well THAT was not a good idea. This poor little girl got so nervous. On her way back to the room she was crying and begging not to go. And when she actually got her shots all hell broke loose. She was screaming and crying. I honestly thought she was going to pass out. I felt so bad for my little girl. Not to mention they gave her 5 shots! Poor little thing. When we got back out to the waiting room She was still screaming. I thought she was going to make Shaun start crying.
Shaun was very brave on the walk back to the exam room. He was just talking it up how he was going to get ice cream after this and have gummy bears on top. He did however start to get nervous when the nurse started prepping his arm. After that he was not happy. He wasn't quite as bad as Austin, but still. I took him back out to the waiting room, and left poor Tricia with two crying kids while I took Natalie back.
Now in my opinion Natalie's was the worst because the poor little thing didn't know what was coming. When we got to the exam room the nurse was just talking to her and my happy little Natalie was just smiling back. Then that mean old nurse just poked her. All of the sudden Natalie's smile was gone, and she looked shocked and confused. And when the nurse gave her the second shot it was an all out panic. So when I brought the third crying kid in the waiting room, I figured it was maybe time to get out of there and go get ice cream.

Here they are happy as can be before the torture begins. We certainly did not leave the building looking this way.
Here they are a few hours later at 'Jump On It" basically a giant warehouse full of trampolines and bounce houses. Every kids dream right?

This is Natalie with her sunburn and hillbilly tooth. Yesterday I cleaned out all three of our storage sheds in the carport, and it was sunny but a bit chilly. So I put Natalie in her stroller in the sun. Oops. I didn't realize it was that long. But of course no complaints from the girl. She is my fairest one so far. I will defiantly have to be careful with her this Summer.

She's Stuck!

It's funny how such a little girl can entertain the whole family.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dinosaur Museum

So this week is spring break. Not that it makes a huge difference for us, Austin is only in preschool 3 days a week. But this year for the holidays we decided to go out and fight the crowds of kids for a little piece of the action. Please enjoy...

Here we are at the dinosaur museum. The kids loved it. They had all sorts of fun stuff for them to do. Natalie was very patient just hanging out in the stroller most of the time.
Austin and Shaun about to be gobbled up by a giant megladon. Shaun doesn't look very worried. Such a brave little guy.

Here they are at the water and sand table. This kept them occupied for quite a while. Shaun had to be reminded a few times that we don't throw sand.

Enjoying the sweet views that the dinosaur museum has to offer. Poor Natalie got out of the stroller for a photo and was promptly put back in. And of course no complaints from the girl.

They had a great time. It did however put a damper on Austin's day when Shaun pushed the handicapped door button on the way out, and not her. Believe me Austin I know what a pain it is to have a little brother.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

GaRaGe SaLe!!!!!

Next Saturday, April 10th we are having a garage sale. We will be getting rid of SO much stuff. We are moving from a 2200 square foot house... to a three bedroom apartment. It will be at Doug and Tricia's house. (I don't want to put their home address on the internet so text me if you want it) It will start around 7 am. Hope to see you there.

Friday, April 2, 2010

DaTe WiTh OuR sHaUn BoY

Tonight Ben and I took our little man out on a date. We went to Zurchers (party store) and he got a gun, sword and a pirate hat. Then we went out to dinner, then ice skating, and of course to Grandpa Stacy's Maceys for ice cream. He had a blast. I'm not sure which he liked better, the ice skating or the pirate paraphernalia.

He really got into it. He fell down quite a bit, but he kept at it. He is such a cutie.
Shaun Boy and his daddy. You can see where he gets his good looks from.

I love this little man. Please note the clever spot I found to hang my camera case on.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Improvements

New wainscoting.
Benny and my daddy did this for me for my birthday. We have done so many improvements on our home, it makes me so sad that we are going to move. Oh well I guess it is time to move on. We will be renting for the next 4 to 5 years. I think Ben will appreciate the break from painting and repairs though.
Some day we just might buy a home that has already been improved.

Soccer Video

This is one of the two times she was knocked down during the game. I was pretty surprised she didn't cry.

Little Soccer Player

So this is Austin's first year playing soccer and she LOVES it! She is quite a tough little thing. And when she gets tired she just runs right off the field to get a drink.

She loves these sunglasses. It was hard to convince her to take them off before the game stared.
Today was picture day. She thought she was so lucky to hold the ball.

I must admit she is quite stylish.

Kira's Shower

This is my cute cousin Kira. She is having her first baby in July. My mom and I threw her a baby shower on Tuesday, she got lots of cute little things.