Thursday, January 29, 2009


We made these last night for our enrichment activity. They are little flowers for girls hair. You can clip them on headbands, and they are super cute! I think I went a little overboard. Austin sure loves them though.

And she had no problem being my model.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I thought this was just a cute little video of the kids playing outside with Papal.


We finally made it. It was 85 degrees and not crowded at all. Austin and Shaun did better than expected on the car ride.... but Shaun did get a little sick in the car and threw up all over himself. We had to stop at my uncle's house to give him a bath. Then we were on the way...
Here we are in line for autopia. Austin was so excited she got to drive her own car. After a getting whip lash a few times I had to take over. Shaun went with Uncle Shane, he didn't like it very much.
Austin and Shaun just loved Mamal and Papal's dog sisco. She couldn't believe the dog jumped right on her lap.
Here is Papal and sisco. I must say if I were a dog I would definatley want to be that one. He is treated like royalty. :)
Shaun back at Mamal's house with his most prized possesion. (well one is technically Austin's) He was running around hitting the fence with his sword. He thought he was so funny.

Notice here that Austin is wearing a diaper. It was a long day with lots of excitement.
Shane, Austin and Shaun are so excited we are out of the car. Shaun's Pooh will not be that clean after we leave, but he did enjoy Disneyland too.

Austin had this map the entire day. She made sure we all knew where the dreaded "Whale Ride" was.

Austin and Uncle Shane on the tea cups. They were spinning alot faster than Mommy and Shaun. After the spewing in the car I did not want to take any chances.

I had to reassure Austin she would get her map back right after the picture.

Austin and Shaun when they were still friends with Uncle Shane.

One of the favorite rides of the day was the 'Gumbo' ride. This is what Austin liked the best about her previous trip to Disneyland. She likes the fact that she is in charge of the controls the best.

Shaun boy absolutley loved the train. He would ride this one all day if he could. Two days before he fell in the mall parking lot and got a bonk on his forehead. Just in time for all the pictures.

Shaun was so tired when we got back. He just snuggled right up to Mamal with his bottle. It was so cute. We had such a fun trip.

Here is poor Austin at Disneyland, the place she has dreamed about for months.... and her Uncle Shane has scared her to death by telling her she is about to be eaten by a huge whale.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's a Girl!
We just found out tonight that we are having a girl. We are really excited and so are the kids. Any suggestions on names?
Disneyland here we come!
On Monday we are packing up the car and headed to California. The kids are so excited about going to see Mamal and Disneyland.

Here they are in front of the bank ready to cash in on thier life savings. (Shaun's $12.71 & Austin's $11.60)
Waiting patiently while the nice girl at the bank dumps out thier piggys into the change counting thing. I'm not quite sure what Austin is doing here.

We are not leaving until Monday, but everyday Austin says "ok after naps we are going to Disneyland and Mamals house, okay?"

For Christmas my Mom gave Austin a book called Pinkalicious. It's about a girl that ate too many pink cupcakes and turned pink. So obviously we had to make pink cupcakes... But she was slightly disappointed when she realized she was not turning pink.
They were alot of help in the kitchen.

Congratulations Doug and Tricia
On January 2nd my little brother Doug got married to Tricia Beck. We are all so excited for them. Tricia is a nurse and Doug will be going to school. Hopefully my kids will get some cousins soon. :)

Here they are fresh out of the temple. Her dress was beautiful! Little Lou boy looked so handsome too.
This is our side of the family. Bottom row: Nate, MC, Steve, Jen, Mom, Tricia, Doug, Dad, Mamal, Heidi. Top row: Denise, Michelle, Benny, Me, David, Kira and Jeff.

Here we are anxiously waiting for them to come out. Man check out those roots!

Austin and Shaun are happy about going to the reception. Austin refers to this as her 'wedding dress' Watch out Tricia she is trying to steal your big day.

Merry Christmas

Ok, I know it's mid January, but here is our Christmas! The kids were very excited. Shaun got a train and Austin got make-up and a tea set. Who could ask for more?

Here is Shaun boy showing his Dad how it works. At first he was very particular about who got too close to "MY TRAIN!!!" But that was mainly for Austin the train robber.
Though Austin did not have trouble at all sharing her lipstick with Shaun.

This is Asutin's dream come true. Her very own make-up. After the first day we had to start supervising a little closer when we found nail polish all over the TV.