Saturday, June 26, 2010


New Summer clothes.
A whole lot of Hunters.

Greetings from the projects.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hunter Family Reunion 2010

Today we just got home from our 3rd annual family reunion. We had so much fun. The kids all got along great. I'm so sad it's over... but I am so happy that I am not camping anymore.

Grandma Judy. We love this lady. She was such a trooper, even though she slept in her car with the heat on a few nights. Yeah, it was kind of cold.

My handsome Shaun boy. He had a blast! In the Hunter family we have 4 boys within a year... It can get kind of crazy at times, but they have such a great time when they get together.

This is little Allie. She is such a good baby. I just couldn't pass up this photo opportunity. Just look at her.

Me and my Benny. This was after I had spent about an hour doing my hair for the family photo, and immediately after was engaged in a water balloon fight.

OK, so these two were inseparable this year. This is my Austin and her cousin Dianna. Dianna has a friend that is a boy named Austin, so the whole time she refered to her as girl Austin. They were so cute.

Annie, Grant, Hannah, Austin, Sharyn, and Dianna enjoying some sidewalk chalk.

So here is Ben... Yeah he's peeved. Today we were getting packed up and Nate (Ben's little brother) and I decided to do a friendly water balloon ambush on him. Ben being the layed back chill guy he is, we thought this would be fun.... Nate hits Ben in the back with a balloon and Ben turns around and throws a plastic tent stake at Nate. He missed. And hit Matt and Meshelle's tent. So now there is a 4" hole in their tent and guess who has to replace it. That should explain the look on Ben's face. Not that Ben ever reads this blog, but Honey you need to lighten up!

She may look cute but babies + camping = trouble. And she knows it. She was banished to Provo to spend a day at my parents house during the reunion. She did however make a brief appearance for the family photo.

Now you can totally tell that these two beauties are sisters. Shannon and Karyn are two of Ben's many sisters.

This is Brig and Elaina. Now these two brought luxury to the "wilderness" Their camper had heat and a/c and needless to say was a popular hang out with the kids when it came to movie time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

While Natalie Was Sleeping

This poor little bear has no idea on what she is missing out on. Nap time for her is usually when the fun begins for the other kiddies.

But she sure is adorable. Look at those little thighs.

The Popsicles....

The sprinklers....

The swimming....

One thing she probably doesn't mind missing is the sunscreen in her eyes.


Yesterday My Benny finished his very first marathon. Yes, he is awesome. He can't really walk today, but I am still proud.

Now I find this picture both painful and disgusting. This is what happens to runners who are not fortunate enough to own a sports bra.

Austin and Shaun were so happy to see their daddy. We were waiting for quite a while.

Look at that guy. He sure doesn't look like he just ran a full marathon. What a man!
Miles: 26.2
Time: 5:01
Blisters: 0
Bloody nips: 2