Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

Don't be scared...

Now these lovely ladies, a tooth fairy, (Jesse) a witch without a hat, (Me) and a pregnant fairy (Autumn) had a wonderful time at the party.
Some of the activities included rock band, (please don't miss out on the video below) a skeleton scramble, and scary stories. Here is Ben enjoying the drumming part. He is very focused.

Now this is the Skeleton Scramble. Boys vs. Girls... The boys won.
Spider man and a 20's flapper a.k.a. Shane and Becca
Creepy guy and a tooth fairy. A.k.a Brady and Jesse.
Mario and Maria a.k.a Doug and Tricia. I must say this was my favorite of the costumes. It did however help that Doug kept up his accent all night. He read us a delightful ghost story, followed by his terrifying journey to the Americas.
A Fairy and a Pirate. A.k.a. Autumn and Austin.
Now.... a colorful tiger? and a dark fairy. A.k.a. Davey and Keisha. No, they are not a couple, but they were the only singles there. Please note Davey's Moon Boots. Oh yes, they are legit.
A Witch and surprise, surprise, a Pirate. A.k.a. Brooke and Ben.
Here are a few shots of the decor for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

The Table.

The prizes for the costume contest. 3 of the 5 winners forgot their prizes, thanks a lot guys. Oh you know who you are, and let me tell you, there went your Christmas card.
The Carmel apples that Tricia and Doug help me make. Thanks guys.
I think it went really well, I hope you all had fun.
Note: Nate and M.C. made an appearance, but I did not document this footage. They came as Jazz players.

Just a little teaser...

Give it up for Davey, Doug and Tricia!