Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is Shaun and Hannah Montana. Austin is in LOVE with Hannah Montana. Though up until last week she had never seen the show, or movie. About a year ago Ben bought her a little microphone with H.M. on it and she has been in love ever since. We just let her watch the movie, and she was surprised to realize that H.M. real name is Miley, and she has brown hair just like Austin.
Here is our little bear, not much of a complainer. My parents bought all of my kids life jackets (thanks Mom and Dad) The big kids love them. Every morning they wake me up and say, "Mom can you unbuckle my life jacket I need to go potty" Natalie on the other hand is not so sure.

I love this little group of little people. The weather has been beautiful lately. We have had a lot of fun outside.