Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July

As usual Ben always has a lighter in his hand on this Holiday.

Me and the girls enjoying the show.

Shaun could not believe his luck. He had a sparkler in his hand until they were all gone. I do however think that a fire safety 101 should be in order for this little guy.

Austin and Dianna. Austin was so sad to hear that Dianna went back to Arizona. They love to play together.

A Weekend Away

Benny and I headed down to Hurricane for a weekend alone. Can you believe it's been six years!? We had such a wonderful time together. We slept in, shopped, golfed (well, Benny did) ate out, and ahem, other fun stuff.

Here he is folks. I know, he looks good right. Don't be jealous ladies.

Would you look at that swing. I guess it could be absolutely horrible and I wouldn't know the difference.

Posing on the course.

On our way to three days of freedom. I HUGE thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us use their condo and watching 3 kids for 3 days.
I really love this guy. I really think they best decision I have ever made was to marry him.