Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our ward had a trunk-or-treat last night, and we all had so much fun getting dressed up and eating waaay too much candy. After we went to our friends Travis and Alicia's house (or the twins house if you ask Shaun) for another fun Halloween party.

Here are our cute kids at the trunk or treat. The alligator is our friends Jaime and Mike's son. These guys had so much fun.

Our Beautiful Austin girl.

Jaime and Mike and Lauren. It was so fun to have them join us.

Me and Alicia the cat.

These eyelashes were so much fun. All night Austin kept asking if she could touch them. When we got home I finally let her. Natalie kept looking at me kind of funny all night.

Sweaty Shaun. This boy had so much fun. He had two swords and challenged everyone who had a weapon to a duel. I think this kid approves of Halloween.

Me and My handsome pirate. I love that Ben dresses up as a pirate every year. I think I am just going to be a witch from now on.

He knows he looks good.

The cutest little pumpkin. Nattie was all about Halloween. Every piece of candy she got she sat down and ate. She also loved looking in the mirror.

This group looks pretty excited.

I thought this picture turned out pretty cool.

Before school we sprayed Austin's hair black. When I picked her up from school her face was black. So she had to shower before round two. She was the cutest little princess at school though.

Date Night

When the Mother came to town she watched the babies while Benny and I had some alone time.

We went to a corn maze with his school. It was way out in the country. We had a lot of fun.
We went to Chili's all by ourselves. But of course we had to get some balloons for the kids.

Enjoying our lasts few minutes of freedom before we got back in the car to head home.

I love this man! He is so good to me. I love that he is working so hard for his family. He is awesome!

Thanks for giving us a break Mama! We love you!

A Visit From The Mother

It was so nice to see her! We missed her the minute she went into the airport. Austin girl was the most emotional of the bunch. We went to parks, she took me shopping, she took the kids toy shopping, (Nattie is still carrying around her baby) and we just had a fantastic time. She even watched the babies while Benny and I went on a much needed date.

Here we are at the mall. Of course Grandma broke my rules and let them have their costumes early. Shaun has been taking his sword and shield with him everywhere he goes.
Austin and her Grandma. I think Austin would much rather live with Grandma and Grandpa than Mom and Dad. Maybe that will be her motivation to get into BYU in 13 years.

The little bear. When Grandma first arrived Nattie just kept looking at her. It didn't take long for her to remember who she was. They were inseparable all weekend.

Like this.

It's Been A Long Time...

Since I have updated my blog. So there might be quite a few pictures to post.

Here is my handsome Shaun boy. This was at the missionary bonfire in our ward a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. Our kids especially loved the horses.
Austin girl loves make-up. She chose purple lipstick this time. FYI if you want to be Austin's friend, just offer to do her make-up and you're in.

Austin and Shaun running in "The Wild" So there are a lot of trees in Missouri and anytime they see trees without houses around they shout "Hey there's the wild!"

The little bear can hardly keep up with them.

The weather is getting a little colder here. It is so nice. But of course our bedroom window is still wide open at night. You'd think that after six years of this I'd be used to this.

Austin on her first day of kindergarten in Missouri. Shaun wishes he could go too.

Shaun is just testing our Nattie's costume for her.

We love our bear.

Two tired men.

This was our late August this year. I have no idea where it all went. But is no longer looks like this... odd.