Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I just need to start out this post by saying... It has happened. Ben has finally grown up. I don't know how I feel about this. This is the first year he has not dressed up for Halloween. The pirate costume is still in its protective garment bag hanging in the closet. Is this a sign of the things to come? Needless to say the kids were not impressed by his choice of late night class over trick-or-treating.

This is Ben presenting in the Ball State diversity symposium. This is why we missed the ward trunk-or-treat. I was very impressed by his presentation though. He did a great job! I love this man!

Nattie Bear was bringing up the rear our whole night out.

She looked so cute in her little snow white costume.

The tough power ranger. This little power ranger ate himself into a stupor. He missed the last 10 houses because he was too full. He has vowed to never eat candy again. Not even next Halloween.

Striking a pose.

Getting ready to hit the town. Austin was a ballerina this year. I think everyone changed their minds at least twice this year on what they wanted to be. That's why I keep the Halloween box well stocked.

Before school today.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

For Mom

Light Bright

Movie time at the Kidder's house.

Shaun Boy at the pumpkin patch.

After school snacks.

Ready for church... almost.

First day of school.

Home made shirt.

Shaun the pirate walking the plank @ Barnes and Noble story time.

Nattie Bear and her favorite boots.

Beautiful Austin

Me and my Benny.

At the butterfly exhibit.

Austin and Nattie with the classroom mascot Froggy. She got to take him home for the weekend and write in the class journal.

At the pool with the Kidder kids over the Summer.