Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uncle Jeff is 50!

This weekend we went to Logandale/Hurricane for my Uncle Jeff's 50th birthday party. We stayed in Hurricane at my parents condo. It was so fun to see the family. We went hiking in Zion on Friday (that is when I had my camera out) and Uncle Jeff took us to the lake on Saturday.

Frog. I guess when I think of a desert I don't think of frogs. But this little guy blended right in.
Natalie was so good on the hike. She didn't actually do a whole lot of hiking though. Grandpa bought her a hat and sewed a ribbon on it. Very clever.

This is Uncle Jeff. He doesn't look a day over 48 if you ask me.

My Benny. He carried Natalie in the pack most of the time. I love this guy!

Grandpa and his babies. The kids loved that we were staying at "the new condo" they had a blast.

Grandpa, Natti, and Grandma hiding in the foliage.

This is at the upper emerald pool in Zion. Austin and Shaun were running around in the water and Shaun fell all the way in. It was quite funny, though he didn't think so. We had to put his shirt on a rock to dry for a while.

Natti was so tired she could hardly stand it.

Shaun had SO much fun with his Uncle Jeff. Jeff brought his little dog, Carlton. He was the hit of the weekend with the kids and Tricia. Jeff left a day early and Shaun asked about him quite often.

My little Austin was such a good little hiker. She was getting a bit tired toward the end. With all of the grown ups there she did get carried every once and a while.

Natti and Tricia are ready to go.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Preschool Graduation... and stuff

Shaun Boy in the tire swing at Grandma Sommers house. We went there for Mother's day. The kids played outside for hours. They loved it.
Austin girl at Costco. Last time we were here I took a picture of Natalie smelling the flowers. this time it was Austin's turn.

What's the word for cankles... only for knees?

Here is Austin and Mrs. Heap. Austin loved preschool, and she is so excited for kindergarten this year. She is such a good little student.

This is one of the songs they sang. These are the only 3 girls in the class.

Austin got to be the helper and collect the signs. She did a great job.

Mommy and Shaun Boy. He sat very patiently throughout the whole program. He did however ask very loudly, several times, if it was time to play with the toys. When the students walked out of the room getting ready for their performance, he asked, is that where the toys are?

Austin did such a great job singing. She has been practicing so long. She was so fun to watch.

Natalie at the park. She really doesn't like sitting on the grass.

So this is our little family. The camera is sitting on the stroller and I put the timer on and ran to my position. This is how EVERY family picture was taken growing up. I learned from the best. Love ya Dad. Not that he has ever looked at this blog. Tell him for me, would you Mom?


Friday, May 14, 2010

Natalie's First Fiesta

I can't believe our little bear is 1. Wow! I guess it's time to have another. SO just kidding. We had a little fiesta for her yesterday. I think her favorite part was the cupcake. Coincidentally that was my favorite part too.

This is the banner we made for Natalie, well it's really just 3 half sheets of paper. She is just turning 1.
Natalie and her daddy. She loves this guy. And he loves his little girl.

My grandma came over the day before the party to give Natalie her gift. she also informed me that we have lilacs in our backyard. I just though they were some sort of wildflower-weedish thing. Now I love them.

The aftermath of the traditional pinata beating.

Natalie loved her new toys. She is such a little doll.

She got to take the first swing. She is the youngest AND it is her party.

Her first cake.

Enjoying a cupcake on the grass. She was more interested in playing with it at first, and then she tasted it. She definitely approved.
The making of guacamole.

I love this little girl. It has been so fun to have her in our family for the past year. She is always such a sweetheart. She is a very easy baby. Everyone just loves her.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Inaugural Girls Weekend

I just got back from the Sommers first girls weekend. It was really fun. We went to St. George and stayed in the parents condo. We just so happened to go the very same weekend as the St. George Ironman. For those of you who don't know what an Ironman consists of, let me just tell you. So you start off with a 2.4 mile swim, and then you go on a 112 mile bike ride, and to top it off you run a full 26.2 mile marathon. It was really neat to watch. The guy that won did that all in 8 hours and 25 minutes. Wow! Tricia and I felt like our half marathon was sounding pretty pitiful.

Here we are getting ready to watch the first bikers come in. The weather was SO nice there.
This was the first place female. She was amazing!

This is Tricia dreaming of the day when she will be an ironwoman. With a triumphant pose like that, I say why stop there?

So the lady in pink is just a walking stereotype and I couldn't help but take a picture of her. She has the pink suit, the dog, the bag, AND the wig. Don't judge me. I know you would have done the same.

Here are Becca (Shane's wife) Tricia (Doug's wife) and the Mother peaking over a much smaller version of Zion.

So while we were having lunch this little guy walked over to us looking very hungry. Tricia gave him a generous chunk of her Cheeto. He picked it up and started walking away with it. He will most likely be king of the colony upon his return. And yes Tricia knew full well that there was a $100 fine for feeding the wild life. But I guess this guy looks a lot less wild than a squirrel.

Here we are outside of the lodge after hiking the Emerald Pools.

This is the waterfall going into the Upper Emerald Pool. It was really pretty.

Here we are before we started hiking. Some nice Canadians took our picture.

This is the face of an almost free woman. The day before I left I was watching Tara's kids for her (she was on a cruise, lucky duck) And It had just been one of those days. It was really fun to go. And it was really fun to come home.